Baltimore, USA – May 11, 2024 – AaviGen, a preclinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing curative gene therapies for cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary diseases, presented its latest developments for its cardiac-specific AAV vector portfolio and therapeutic pipeline at this year’s ASGCT meeting in Baltimore. “We have been extremely pleased with the progress our company has made over the past year in our cardiac-specific AAV vectors from our Next Cap platform and their superiority over benchmark vectors from other developments for cardiac indications,” said Dr. Martin Busch, COO of AaviGen. “AaviGen’s next-generation cardiac vectors will enable the company to tailor effective and safe therapies for both common and rare heart diseases with access to global markets,” said Prof. Dr. Marc Lerchenmüller, CFO of AaviGen.”

About AaviGen

AaviGen was founded in 2019 on the understanding that successful gene therapy requires optimized delivery of therapeutic targets to the diseased heart. AaviGen’s scientific approach is documented in numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications and validated by its founders’ track record in scientific innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases, including gene therapy medicinal products. For more information, please see:

AaviGen Investor and Media Contact

Prof. Dr. Marc Lerchenmüller, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director AaviGen, Heidelberg, Germany
T: +49 6221 568900
M: +49 151 51646589