Transforming Human Heart Health.

Targeting cardiac disease simply, precisely, and safely with patient tailored cutting-edge biotechnological tools.


Organ-specific Gene Therapy Vectors

AaviGen leverages years of molecular and translational research for the development of novel organ-specific Adeno-Associated Viral vectors (AAV) on its unique next-CAP platform.

As a result, our proprietary portfolio of heart-specific vectors enables us to develop highly specific cardiac gene therapies with unprecedented safety.

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Confronting Heart Failure

Heart Failure is a Pressing Concern.

With our team’s profound grasp of cardiac pathophysiology AaviGen seeks to revolutionise cardiac care by rectifying the aberrant cellular and molecular processes which underpin heart failure.

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Heart Failure
Unmet Demand


Patients worldwide are afflicted with heart failure.

Savarese et al. 2022


5 year mortality rate, heart failure
mortality surpasses many cancers

Shah et al. 2017




Of people with Heart Failure undergo heart transplantation.

Cook et al. 2015

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