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Solving Heart Failure.

With our mission, team, and our technology we are committed to driving innovation, improving patient outcomes, and shaping the future of cardiovascular medicine

An Innovative platform

Our platform technology for AAV vectors empowers us to engineer new vectors with unparalleled organ specificity. We harness this platform to build our cardiac gene therapy vector portfolio, achieving unprecedented safety profiles in its development.

Our portfolio of safe and precisely targeted AAV vectors, specifically tailored for the heart, forms the foundation of our gene therapy pipeline. We employ validated molecular targets to directly tackle the underlying molecular root causes of heart failure and other cardiac diseases.

Our Mission

Keeping the patient at the forefront, we utilize our clinical and translational expertise to explore novel innovative Adeno-associated Viral (AAV) vectors for safe and efficient delivery in the development of precise gene therapies for cardiac conditions. These therapies specifically target the root causes of heart disease, addressing challenges that were previously unattainable.


Heart failure gene therapy for patients prior to and during treatment


Replacement of cardiac gene defects using heart-specific viral vectors


Administration of therapeutics through peripheral intravenous infusion.


Heart failure rescue by bypassing off-target organs

We Are the Leadership Team.

Our dynamic blend of team expertise forms the cornerstone of our mission to revolutionise heart-specific gene therapies, paving the way for a new era in cardiac care.

Prof. Patrick Most
Dr. Martin Busch
Prof. Marc Lerchenmueller
Prof. Hugo Katus

We Are the Scientific Advisory Board.

Our distinguished Scientific Advisory Board comprises leader in their respective fields. providing invaluable expertise and insight which drives our pursuit of ground-breaking advancements in heart-specific gene therapies.

Eric Goossens
Robert Makuch
Claus Kremoser
Walter Koch

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